Junior Hill Ministries


Once again, I sincerely thank those of you who are viewing this web site along with my new schedule.  I am grateful to report that my knee surgery last year went well and I am now almost fully recovered.
       As I approach my 83 birthday in July, I am becoming keenly aware of my increasing mobility issues and the need to be more thoughtful about where, when, and how many meetings I should accept.  My parents, MOTHER NATURE and FATHER TIME, are telling me it is now time to listen to their counsel!!!

     In light of that observation, this year I am making a concerted effort to schedule meetings closer to home and which do not involve long fights and overnight stays.  Obviously there will be some exceptions to that plan, but I greatly rejoice that the Lord is now bringing this inevitable adjustment to fruition. I am still excited about my ministry - but at a slower pace than previous years.

      Please pray that the Lord will give many souls this year and that the churches where I am privileged to serve will be blessed and 



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