Junior Hill Ministries

Statement of Principles

  I will to the best of my ability seek to preach those messages the Lord lays upon my heart. While it is likely, as an evangelist, that those messages the Lord most blesses will be repeated in other meetings, I will pray that the Lord will deliver me from preaching "canned sermons". You can rest assured that I will not badger or browbeat your church.
  I am under no compulsion to "produce" decisions and have no record to uphold. I will preach, pray, and visit to the best of my ability and then trust the Lord to give whatever increase he pleases. I promise you there will be no tricks or pressured invitations. They will be clear, to the point, and given in courtesy.
I am coming to be your guest. In any way that I can help you, I want to be used. I will place myself in your hands and will do whatever you desire in this area.
  Under no circumstances will I promote the offering. The sincere pastor who uses a full-time evangelist will realize the special needs of this calling and will lead the church to give a worthy offering. If the Lord has led you to invite me, He will lead you to know what I need to continue this work. I do not seek the names of your people for a mailing list nor will I write them asking for support after the meeting is over.
If I know my heart, I want to help you as a pastor. One does not spend eleven years in the pastorate without knowing the heartaches, as well as the joys, of this calling. You can rest in full assurance that I will honor and exalt your ministry before your church.