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Brand New

Songs In the House book cover


"Songs in the House" by Junior Hill

Chapter Titles:

  • The Itch For Bigness
  • A Note From Molly
  • As It Is In Heaven
  • The Amazing Strength of Weakness
  • The Upside Down Evangelist
  • Revival In A Classroom
  • An Empty Bag But A Full Heart
  • An Offering Worth Remembering
  • An Unexpected Ministry
  • Crawling And Flying
  • A Compliment I Will Always Remember
  • An Unforgettable Regret
  • Observing Wind And Regarding Clouds
  • A Conviction I Intend To Keep

Book - Softback
156 pages $15.00


At Wit's End Cover Graphic


"At Wit's End" by Junior Hill

Good Words for Bad Times

  • But If Not
  • When You Have No Wings
  • A Strange Impression
  • The Delight Of Distance
  • Sunrise At Sunrise
  • Before The Time
  • Observations From A Hero
  • The Blow Up Church



149 pages - soft back - $15.00


"The Ministry Of Thorns" by Junior Hill
Turning problems into pleasure

   Chapter Titles

  • The Ministry Of Thorns
  • The Valley Of Baca
  • What To Do When Oppressed
  • When Trying Becomes Trusting
  • A Promise Worth Understanding
  • When Your Net Is Empty

A wonderful gift for those who are troubled and downcast!

161 pages - soft cover - $15.00


Don't Cut Your Throat



"Don't Cut Your Throat" by Junior Hill

Here is the encouraging story of how Junior Hill lost over 130 pounds and has kept it off for the past 16 months. Readers will be blessed and challenged as they read this inside look at one man's struggle with obesity..

Chapter Titles:

  • An Unexpected Offer
  • At Christmas Time?
  • Meeting Dr. Randy
  • Off To A Good Start
  • The Surprising Power Of Gratitude
  • From A Balloon To A Prune
  • The Heartbreak Of The 94%
  • A New Determination

Soft Cover Jacket - $10.00


Big Shots and Little Squirts by Junior Hill

"Big Shots and Little Squirts" by Junior Hill - (169 pages)

Soft back with 169 pages.  In this volume Junior Hill addresses some of the blessings as well as a few of the aberrations which regularly manifest themselves in the daily life of the church. Heavily tilted toward comfort and encouragement, the book is sprinkled with good natured humor and a touch
of sarcasm. 

Chapter Titles:

  •  Big Shots and Little Squirts
  • A Man Called Johnny
  • Considering Crayons
  • The Ladder
  • My Preaching Shoes
  • The Church I Would Never Join
  • A Fifty Cent Sin
  • Unashamed
  • The Right Place
  • The Grace of Receiving
  • A Deposit In Heaven
  • The Silencer Fund
  • Side Door Religion
  • Ode To A Brick Wall
  • The Subtle Danger Of Feel Good Preaching

    Soft Cover Jacket - $15.00

CD's Available to Order




"Sure Words for an Unsure World" by Junior Hill
CD Album

Sermon Titles:

  • When You Have No Wings
  • The Hardest Parable
  • Dead Bones, Rotten Rags, A Cup of Water
  • Humpty Dumpty Preachers
  • Gazing Christians
  • Juggling Imposters

CD Album -$30.00

Sacred Sex Book Cover


"Sacred Sex" - By Junior Hill - Sermons on Audio CD

Over two hours of in depth study. Ideal for pastors, teachers, and
those who work with youth.

Sermon Titles Include:

  • With The Right Person
  • In The Right Place
  • For The Right Reason

CD - $25.00

Junior Hill in conference


" Junior Hill in Conference" - Sermons on Audio CD

Messages Preached at Pastor's School -
First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

Sermon Titles Include:

  • The Seedless Generation
  • The Tragedy Of Backsliding
  • A Promise Worth Understanding
  • The Refreshers
  • The Comfort Of His Coming
  • The Danger Of Drifting

CD - $30.00

Encouraging Words From Pastor's School Cover


"Junior Hill - Encouraging Words From Pastor's School"
Sermons on Audio CD

Sermon Titles Include:

  • The Fallacy Of Bigness
  • Enduring Hardness
  • The Greatest Preacher
  • The Used To Be Church
  • The Steps Of A Good Man
  • Good News For Bad Times

CD - $30.00

Lord Why Don't You Answer My Prayers? Cover

"Lord, Why Don't You Answer My Prayers?" - Sermons on Audio CD

Seven in-depth messages on unanswered prayers.

Sermon Titles Include:

  • Unnatural In Our Approach
  • Unrepentant In Our Attitude
  • Unspecific In Our Appeal
  • Unholy In Our Aim
  • Unforgiving In Our Asking
  • Unsympathetic In Our Abundance
  • Unchristian In Our Marriage Alliance

CD - $30.00

Christian Growth Album

"Christian Growth Album" - 8 Sermons on Audio CD

Timely messages for the maturing believer.

Eight messages which will help you grow and mature in the faith preached and recorded live at the Pastor's School in Jacksonville, FL.

Sermon Titles Include:

  • The Ministry Of Thorns
  • Fishers Of Men
  • The Danger Of Lawless Grace
  • Good Soldiers
  • In Search Of Foolishness
  • The Sons Of Jesse
  • Jacob Or Paul
  • Covering The Cross

CD Set - $ 30.00

Junior Hill In Revival

"Junior Hill In Revival" - 8 Sermons on Audio CD
Revival in Jacksonville, FL

These messages were recorded live in revival at FBC
Jacksonville, FL

  • A Way That Seems Right
  • Excuses
  • God's Final Call
  • The Judgment Day
  • Satan's Lies
  • Thou Fool
  • When The Door Is Shut
  • Life's Greatest Choice

CD Set - $ 30.00

Junior Hill At Pastor's School

"Junior Hill At Pastor's School" - 8 Sermons on Audio CD
Here are eight of Junior Hill's most requested sermons
from the Pastor's School at First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL.

They were recorded live and
include the following messages

  • A Cup Of Cold Water
  • Hindrances To Scattering Seed
  • The Shame Of Neighing Horses
  • The Valley Of Baca
  • Itching Ear Churches
  • Lessons From A Flower
  • Dumb Dogs
  • The Ministry Of Carrying Bones

CD - $30.00

Why Do Christians Doubt Their Salvation

"Why Do Christians Doubt Their Salvation?" - 4 Sermons on Audio CD
Have you ever wondered if you were really saved? Does doubt and uncertainty plague and paralyze you? 
These four messages take a serious and frank look at the reason for this common malady.

Sermon Titles Include:

  • Doctrinal Stance
  • Defeats By Sin
  • Depression Of Spirit
  • Direction Of Satan

CD - $25.00

A Touch of Humor CD Cover

"A Touch of Humor" (1 message)

This CD was recorded at the Georgia Baptist State
Senior Adult Convention at Jekyll Island, GA with over
1500 senior adults. May it in some way make your heart
merry and bring a brief moment of respite form the
constant pressures and heartaches of a troubled world.
"Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop; but a
good word maketh it glad." (Proverbs 12:25)

CD - $10.00

CD Cover

“The Valley Of Baca ” Junior Hill's Most Requested Message

A Wonderful gift for a discouraged or troubled friend

(In shrink wrap case)

CD - $10.00